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Setting: Classroom
Characters: Glenn (Male), Huldra (female), Nick (Male) [Cocky], and background characters

*Glenn and Huldra are standing in the classroom, talking about stuff. Nick is standing close by, but not a part of their conversation.*

Glenn: Ugh, first day of school.

Huldra: I know. It sucks. Can’t wait to be overloaded with homework. (sarcasm)

Glenn: I know. My name’s Glenn. Yours?

Huldra: Huldra. Nice to meet you.

Nick: [Turns around and looks at them.] Whoa, hold on a minute. Did I hear you right? [Laughs a bit, and looks at Huldra.] Your name is Huldra?

Huldra: [A little offended] …Yeah.

Nick: [Bursts out laughing.] Oh my god! Your name is so weird!

Huldra: [Hurt, but hides it behind indifference. Voice shakes a little.] I was named after a creature from Norse mythology.

Nick: [Still laughing.] That’s even weirder! You’re a monster, then?! [Laughs even harder.]

Glenn:  [Not amused.] No one else is laughing, dirt bag. Shut up already.

Nick: [Still laughing.] Oh yeah? [Yells] Hey everyone! This chick’s name is Huldra! And she’s named after a monster!

Class: [Laughs.]

Huldra: [Hurt and starts to walk away.]

Glenn: That’s it. [Jumps on Nick and starts punching him. Huldra stops suddenly and turns around. Glenn and Nick fall to the ground.]

Nick: Get off me!
*Glenn and Nick fight for a while, while the class cheers them on. Glenn punches Nick hard in the face. Nick falls to the ground limply. Glenn gets up and walks over to Huldra.*

Huldra: Thanks, Glenn.

Glenn: No problem.

Nick: [Gets up slowly, obviously in pain.] What is wrong with you?! Sick freak!

Glenn: [Not amused. Starts to walk over again. Huldra stops him.]

Huldra: Let me. [Grabs a blunt object and hits Nick with it repeatedly.]

Nick: Ok, ok! I’ll shut up! Just stop hitting me!

Huldra: [Drops the blunt object and walks over to Glenn.]

*Glenn and Huldra walk out of the room*

Nick: [Mumbles] Freaks…

*Glenn and Huldra jump out of nowhere and beat Nick up.*

                                        The End.
This is the script for the Lego stop motion "Fist Day", and is subject to change.

Keep in mind that this is my first time writing a script and may not be perfect.
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May 25, 2013
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