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Characters: Ben (Brown messy hair. T-shirt/hoodie and jeans)

Ulrick (Black messy hair. Anything as long as the clothes are black)

Setting: An abandoned school in an abandoned town that has seen much better days.

[Ben is walking around the remains of his school. All is quiet, aside from the sound of the wind. He stops in front of a dying tree and has a quick flash back to when he was a kid and would climb on the tree. Childish laughter can be heard. He comes back to the present and looks down while sighing.]

Ben: [says to himself] Why did this have to happen?

[The sound of a snapping twig and Ben immediately turns to the sound, gaining a fighting stance]

Ben: [Not afraid but suspicious] Who’s there?!

Ulrick: [Not on camera. Creepy monotone] It’s me, Benny.

[Camera quickly pans over to see Ulrick standing on some rubble]

Ben: [Surprised] Ulrick? What happened to you?

Ulrick: I got tired of being weak that’s what happened. [Slowly starts walking towards Ben] And I got to show off a bit of what I gained, 5 years ago, right here at this school. [Stops and lifts arms up to gesture to the rubble]

Ben: [Shocked.] You mean… [Angry and yells] You’re the one that did all of this?! How could you do this?!

Ulrick: [Voice is still monotone, but has a small hint of anger] Do you not remember what those monsters did to me back then? [Voice is getting steadily louder] Do you not remember how you were my only friend? WERE YOU TOO BUSY WITH YOUR POPULAR FRIENDS TO NOTICE WHAT THEY WERE DOING TO ME?! [Teleports behind Ben and slams him by the neck against the tree.] [Starts laughing maniacally, building up until it gets louder and louder] [Voice gets quiet.]  But I’m not weak anymore, am I? Let me clear every last doubt from your mind. [Brings hand up to punch Ben]

[Ben pulls gun out of pocket and shoots Ulrick in the chest. As a result, Ulrick releases Ben, and Ulrick falls to the ground. Ben is breathing heavily, not quite believing what just happened. Ben then slowly turns around and starts to walk away. Maniacal laughter that starts slow and quiet and builds ups. Ben is freaked out and turns around.]

Ulrick: [Slowly gets to his feet] Did you seriously think that was enough to stop me?

Ben: [Shocked] B-but, how?!

Ulrick: I thought it would be obvious at this point. I made a deal a while back. Getting it now? Or are so oblivious that you still don’t notice? Honestly, you should have figured it out the second I opened my mouth. [teleports right in front of Ben] I could end this right now you know, but that wouldn’t be much fun, would it? [creepy smile and teleports a few feet away] So I’m going to give you a sporting chance, and limit my powers.

Ben: [readies gun with a look of determination] Bring it.

Ulrick: [Smiled] Oh, I forgot to mention. [Ben’s gun disappears. Ben looks surprised] No weapons. Now let’s get this started!

[Ulrick floats through the walls of the school, surrounded in a black mist. Ben runs after him and bursts down the door to the old school, but before he can even see where Ulrick is, Ulrick slams him against the wall, breaking it to pieces from the impact as they both go through it. Ulrick starts to choke Ben.]

Ulrick: [Mocking] Come on, Benny. You can do better than this!

[Ben struggles for a few seconds before kicking Ulrick in the crotch. Ulrick winces and falls over on his side, curled up in pain. Ben gasps for air as he can breathe again.]

Ben: [Panting heavily.] Now… [breathe] it’s my turn.

[Ben kicks and punches Ulrick violently while he’s down. As Ben brings his hand down for another punch, Ulrick catches his fist in his hand and smiles. Ulrick chuckles darkly.]

Ulrick: You ignorant fool.

[Ulrick punches Ben hard in the stomach, causing him to fly back a few feet before falling to ground, clutching his stomach. Ulrick stands over him, turning his hands into claws while smiling.]

Ulrick: Goodnight, Benny.

[Ulrick drive his claws towards Ben, but Ben is able to roll out of the way at the last second, causing Ulrick’s claws to get stuck. Ulrick frowns.]

Ulrick: Shit. [He struggles to get his claws unstuck]

[Ben picks up a broken piece of wood, runs up to Ulrick and starts beating him with it. A piece of the wood breaks off, making one end sharp. Ben plunges the sharp end into Ulrick’s chest. Ulrick falls over limply.]

Ben: [Panting] It’s all over…

[Ben turns and walks away, then a sharp piece of wood can be seen coming through his chest. Ulrick is behind him, smiling.]

Ulrick: I’m not a vampire you idiot.

Ben: [Weak] Ulrick… I’m… Sor… ry…

[The wood is removed and Ben falls over limply.]

Ulrick: [monotone] It’s too late for apologies…

[Camera zooms out slowly as Ulrick walks away.]
WARNING: There is a curse word in there some where. If you feel like I should put a mature content on it, just let me know. Also, keep in mind that everything in this script is subject to change.

Well, I'm pretty sure that this is my first fight scene. How did I do? I wanted to give each character an equal chance, rather than have it all be one sided. :P

Anyway, this is the script for the Lego stop motion "Fight with the Devil".
BroodingOne Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Interesting. Have you filmed it yet?
LightningFennec Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013   General Artist
Not yet. The teaser trailer will be posted on our youtube channel tomorrow, though. :)
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